Provide unclaimed property compliance assistance to our clients by offering owner location and reengagement, asset recovery, and related services. Guided by our strong core values of integrity, respect, collaboration, excellence with promptness, and loyalty, Linking Assets Inc. assists holders of unclaimed property by reconnecting, reactivating, and reunifying rightful owners with their property.

Through our Estate Care Center, we assist owners and/or their rightful heirs and beneficiaries in locating and recovering unclaimed, dormant, or lost financial assets.

About Linking Assets Inc.

Linking Assets incorporated in New York in 2015 and our main office is located in New York City. Linking Assets offers banks, credit unions, transfer agents, publicly traded corporations, broker-dealers, mutual fund companies, and insurance companies a menu of offerings in unclaimed property compliance, specializing in reducing escheatment through owner location and reengagement.

Members of Linking Assets Inc.’s executive management team have over a century of experience delivering consistently reliable results, having previously led two leading firms in the owner location and reengagement segment of the unclaimed property industry.

Linking Assets Inc. strongly believes that by treating our clients as partners, we can build lasting relationships and service each of our client’s specific needs. We are committed to continuing to provide the levels of exceptional communication, project management, and service that have come to be expected from the members of our team.

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