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A menu of reengagement and account retention solutions with an international reach. Linking Assets Inc. offers a variety of avenues to reconnect with account holders, members, customers, and other owners, reactivate accounts, and reunify rightful owners with their property. Our strategies, programs, and campaigns are proven to help you reengage with your customers.

Online banking has expanded where customers and members are located beyond the traditional local branches to multiple states or even internationally. Owners can have multiple addresses, such as addresses in different states or even different countries; having multiple addresses is an increasing trend, especially with more people working remotely and people retiring to other states or foreign countries.

Unclaimed property and similar laws mandate banks, credit unions, brokerage firms, and other companies to conduct outreach to owners. Jurisdictions generally require attempted contact with owners two-to-three months before property must be escheated. This is typically at the end of the three-to-five year dormancy period. At this point, addresses can be outdated, owners could have forgotten or otherwise remain unresponsive, or may even have died. Simply sending a letter to the address on file, which might not be current, can fall short. Proactive outreach campaigns protect more account holders, members, and owners from having their property escheated. (Sometimes when property is escheated, it can cause detrimental outcomes such as negative tax consequences, IRA assets, cryptocurrency and securities being liquidated, or the need to claim property back from the state, etc.)

Engagement: Reconnecting, Reactivating, and Reunifying Consulting. Information, services, and support for operations, campaigns, and programs to keep banks, credit unions, brokerage firms, and other companies connected and engaged with their customers. Reengagement campaigns preserve accounts, retain assets, and reduce escheatment costs.

Search, Locate, and Reconnect. Enabling banks, credit unions, brokerage firms, and other companies to reconnect with account holders and members or reuniting corporations with their shareholders and owners. Linking Assets Inc. has the expertise and tools to locate owners domestically and abroad.

Find Heirs, Beneficiaries, and legal Claimants (Estate Asset Recovery). It is critical to identify and work with the appropriate estate representatives, heirs, and beneficiaries domestically and internationally to reunify assets with the correct legal claimants(s) if an owner has died. This requires specialized knowledge, expertise, and research tools. Complex relationships of the modern family, kinship laws, wills, and estates. Fees are strictly contingent upon successful recoveries. Often, we are successful in locating additional funds and successfully recovering them for the legal claimant(s).

Financial Institutions. At Linking Assets, we use public and proprietary data sources to conduct in-depth research to locate inactive, valued owners. Our search and location capabilities cover the spectrum.
  • Search, Location, and Reconnection Services
    • – We do not simply find new addresses for owners; we reconnect with them and reactivate their accounts
    • – Mailing and processing owner outreach and due diligence responses
    • – Fulfilling compliance searches, including SEC 17Ad-17 requirements for lost owners, where necessary
  • Research and Investigation Services
    • – Searching, using advanced, comprehensive research analysis, techniques, and expertise
    • – Engaging our experts, genealogical researchers, and worldwide network to find and connect with the owner(s) and legal claimant(s)

Communication. Communicating early and often keeps banks, credit unions, and other companies connected with their customers and members, ultimately reducing annual escheatment's tight timeframes and burdens, along with costly due diligence and resource demands. Providing options for owners to reactivate their accounts, not just find them. New customers are expensive to acquire, keeping current customers active and engaged enhances goodwill and reduces cost.

We understand in a world with so many operational, business, customer, and compliance demands, unclaimed property compliance can be overlooked, is often misunderstood or underestimated, and commonly lacks sufficient resources. Proactive communication and unclaimed property compliance reduce account maintenance costs, identifies and addresses compliance deficiencies, and reduces the potential for penalties and interest, etc.

Unclaimed Property CheckUP. High level review to assess tracking protocols, evaluate activity, review complex instruments, determine which properties are eligible for reporting, resolve and remove properties as appropriate, and determine any eligible, allowable dormancy charges. Identify processes and accounts out of compliance and potentially generating unknown risk and liability.

Unclaimed Property Legislation Monitoring. Linking Assets will monitor unclaimed property legislation and tracking of proposed and enacted bills. Many banks and credit unions do not have the internal resources to monitor ever changing laws and requirements. Linking Assets has levels for timing and industry unclaimed property legislation updates with annual, cumulative information. Specific matrices can be provided based on the level desired.

Unclaimed Property Policy and Procedures. Policies and procedures are the foundation to compliance. Linking Assets can provide a high-level review of, and provide guidance with, policies and procedures development and enhancement.

Education Campaigns. Increase awareness by including reactivation and retention information, alerts, surveys, and prevention instructions to both customers and internal employees.

Unclaimed Property Compliance Reporting. Linking Assets can assist with unclaimed property compliance reports for all U.S. jurisdictions according to state-mandated requirements, formats, and due dates.

Pre-Escheatment Matching Solution ("PEMS") is an innovative matching program designed to identify and return outstanding property to program participants. PEMS was created by Global 21st Century Group, Inc. and is now PEMS USA, Inc., a joint venture of Global 21st and Linking Assets Inc.

PEMS is a unique solution for financial institutions and corporations; it offers the opportunity to proactively reunify assets with their rightful owners, prior to escheat. PEMS provides the ability to securely submit details on open aging items, whether proprietary or client assets, allowing participants to successfully reunite pre-escheat assets by leveraging our proprietary matching process.

PEMS Features
  • Accurately identify early-stage escheatment assets
  • Machine learning algorithms and automation
  • Processing speed is under 60 seconds per 1 million records
  • Participant data is secured by leading and proven encryption
  • Designed for security, security is embedded in our process and systems
  • Built to provide substantial success rates and value for all participants

PEMS Benefits
  • Proactively Reunify Assets
  • Reduce Escheat
  • Decrease Compliance Costs
  • Mitigate Risks
  • Preserve Customer Property

Being proactive allows firms and corporations to mutually match aging open items with each other. This delivers significant reunification, based on customizable parameters established by each firm and company. To participate, firms sign on and submit pertinent open items for all participating entities allowing PEMS to optimize match results.

Blockchain technology is changing the way we store data, conduct business, make payments, transfer value, prove ownership, invest, etc. With cryptocurrencies' volatility and sometimes meteoric gains & losses, broad and growing adoption, and states enacting language in their unclaimed property statutes to include virtual currency (or asserting it is a covered property under omnibus provisions), the intersection of blockchain and unclaimed property laws is significant.

Linking Assets can help you assess the unclaimed property implications related to virtual currencies and blockchain technology, as well as, looking at inherent, associated risks.

Education. Learn more about blockchain with Linking Assets' "Blockchain University" to establish knowledge base. Education can be customized to your needs.

Blockchain Consulting. Linking Assets provides consulting and aid in strategy development. Our team will customize a program/package designed to meet the specific needs and blockchain strategies for your institution.

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